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Functional Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors (FPCAP)

Advances in the performance of electronic equipment over recent years have also resulted in demand for higher performance and greater reliability in capacitors. As the MPUs used in PCs become ever faster, the trend towards heavier power supply currents has lead to a requirement for capacitors with characteristics that include both large capacitance and high response (low resistance). Similarly, the trend to digital operation, smaller size, and slimmer profile in equipment such as LCD TVs and DVD recorders has made capacitors with small size and high performance (low resistance) characteristics essential as a means to eliminate the generation of high frequency noise. By adopting aluminum foil anodes and high-conductivity functional polymer electrolytes, Fujitsu has released a range of "FPCAP (Functional Polymer Capacitors)" aluminum electrolytic capacitors which offer small-size with low ESR and high reliability.

Available in a wide range to suit the diverse requirements of customers, the FPCAP capacitors can help improve the efficiency of various different types of power supply and contribute to designing equipment with higher performance, smaller size, and reduced noise.

With the aim of producing products that are kind to the environment, the entire product range is lead-free and complies with RoHS.